An intimate and acoustic concert at MEO Arena, Lisboa.The American musician has seven million copies sold, nine Grammys and other awards that make him a giant star in an artistic universe inhabited by the best. Songs like "All of Me" and "Love In The Future" prove that his dimension and artistic geniality deserve all the praise.

SEAL | Luanda

Seal’s concert – an international project promoted at Luanda for the Lwini Foundation’s Gala, made with the purpose of raising funds for the Foundation. Seal impressed and amazed the audience with an intimate and touching performance which involved all the guests.

DJAVAN | Porto

In a concert produced by Live Experiences, Djavan brings to the Oporto Coliseum his big hits, such as “Flor de Lis”, “Oceano”, “Lilás”, “Não é Azul mas é Mar”. Djavan portrays in his songs the richness of our day-to-day colours and uses them in gorgeous metaphorical constructions, accompanied by ample comfortable songs. A true luxury that anyone can enjoy.

MARIZA | Cascais

The emblematic Cascais Bay was the prefect venue for a concert by Mariza, considered the best fado singer today.

The fado artist enchanted the audience when arriving on the boat "Boneca" singing "Já me deixou" from the "Terra" album, dazzling the large audience who awaited her, and closing the performance with the famous song "Gente da Minha Terra".

Thousands watched Mariza's concert, a memorable performance, an unforgettable original night, a Live Experience.

DUB INC | Lisbon/Porto

Two great Reggae concerts, brought by Live Experiences.At Hard Club in Oporto, Dub Inc’s energy was contagious to the public.Dentinho & The Promised Band opened this spectacular concert. At Sala Tejo - MEO Arena in Lisbon, a concert full of good vibes was attended by Chapa Dux in the first part of Dub Inc concert, and Pow Pow Movement in an after party.


On the 9th of June, all roads to Dance Music led to Carcavelos Beach where the 2nd edition of Cascais Live Concert took place.

With Roger Sanchez, Juan Magan and the Portuguese Pete Tha Zouk, Pedro Casanova and Andreia, André Henrique and Nelson Cunha, internationally renowned Dj's. The night was full of music, dance and fun until morning, setting the trend for another summer.

More than 50.000 people lived the unique experience of celebrating the beginning of the summer on the beach itself.


To mark the beginning of the summer, Carcavelos beach hosted a performance by one of the biggest and best Dj's of world – David Guetta, on the 9th of June. Tracks like "Just a Little More Love, "Love Don't Let Me Go" and "When Love Takes Over" excited the Carcavelos sands from sunset to dawn. Before David Guetta's performance the Portuguese Fingertips, DJ Diego Miranda, Dezperados and the international DJ Christian Sims stepped on stage.

The fun went on until morning with the sound of Hip-Hop, Acid-House, Techno, Disco, and New Wave. The Experience touched 70.000 people who met at the beach, socialized, listened to music and danced all night, making for a unique and unforgettable Live Experience.


Good vibes and well-being were the Live Experiences which were present at Cascais's Cidadela on this night. The strong connection between Cascais's youth and Reggae music was truly celebrated. Quaiss Kittir and Innastereo represent the new generation of Portuguese Reggae, but the star of the night was the father of European Reggae Soundsystem, David Rodugan and also the prestigious Portuguese Soundsystem Yes Mi Selecta formed by Lexo & Pablo that guaranteed an excellent selection of the best Roots and Dance Hall.

There was also a SwaSthya Yôga demonstration. Reggae and Yôga, the perfect connection between two philosophies that embrace Good Vibes, Well-Being and Nature, indispensable to a Cascais Planet Roots night.